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You can have information about transmission oil and transmission situation from above the picture. Transmission fluid is usually red. Darkening shows that transmission problems are developing.

Transmission fluids deteriorate over time like other liquids. Climatic conditions, rough handling, frequent stop and go, city driving, causes such as carrying heavy loads and towing transmission raises the temperature conduction studies. And accelerates the deterioration of transmission fluid. Therefore, the transmission fluid according to manufacturer and model of vehicle kilometers mentioned in the service booklet must be replaced with the correct oil.
Transmission fluid change issues must be considered in the amount of liquids cold and hot work is very well adjusted. Missing cause miss-operation of hydraulic components and transmission fluid degradation of the excess fluid to a rise in temperature of the oil effervesced transmission and gearboxes will cause problems. Therefore, the correct transmission fluid level is very important and should be checked frequently.
Replaced a faulty gearbox, transmission oil, hydraulic and mechanical problems do not eliminate. If you have complaints such transmissions are subjected to hydraulic pressure tests must be repaired. This process still laws of physics pressure, force, are made using the same formula.

Please note the changed time mechanic gearbox oil prolongs the life of the gearboxes .
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