Veriyaz Veriyaz

Automatic transmission fluid system repair brain are proud to present to you. Our workshop as a result of the work of our R & D team     

·         01M

o   4F27E

·         4L30E

o   4T65E

·         5L40

o   6DCT450

·         6T40/45 

o   09A

·         722/6/7/9

o   AW50-42

·         AW55-50/51SN

o   AW60-40LE

·         CD4E

o   DPO

·         DSGTG(02E)

o   TF60(09G)

·         TF80/81SC

o   TR60(09D)

·         ZF5HP19

o   ZF5HP24/30

·         ZF6HP21/28/34

o   A518

·         A604

o   A4AF

·         6T70

o   6F50

·         46RE

o   A750E

·         U660E

o   ZF6HP19/26/32(6R60,6R80)


       We post above a guaranteed way of automatic transmissions, hydraulic brains are realizing revisions